Ukoy, Okoy - What's In A Name?

20 May 2007 18 comments

Ukoy This is one of those dishes with an odd name. It was named Ukoy/Okoy for no rhyme or reason. Ukoy or Okoy is a patty or cake of grated vegetables with or without pork. There really is no one basic recipe for this dish, there are different variations. While growing up, my Mom makes this dish with a simple batter added with a small handful of bean sprouts (togue), green onions and one whole shrimp in each patty which is then deep fried.

It's accompanied by a simple vinegar/soy sauce concoction. This is usually eaten for 'merienda' (snack). One of my Auntie makes this with grated yam, pork, shrimps, green onions and batter.

Here is my Ukoy recipe. I've tweaked this recipe countless times and this is the one that I prefer more than others.

1 bag of Bean Sprouts
1 cup All-purpose flour
1 cup Cornstarch
1 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Salt
Pinch of Chili Powder
Pinch of Pepper
enough water to make a smooth batter (not too much that the batter will be runny)
green onions, minced

Mix flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, chili powder and ground pepper. Add enough water to make the batter smooth but not too watery. If you accidentally end up with runny batter, just add extra flour.

Add one bag of washed bean sprouts, chopped shrimp and minced green onions. Fry it in a skillet with a little oil, just enough to cover the bottom of the patty. Use medium heat and fry until both sides are golden brown.

I prefer to use chopped shrimp because I like to taste the shrimp in every bite. Having a whole shrimp in each patty is more for aesthetics in my opinion. But hey, to each his own, you can make it whatever way you like. :)


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  • Ligaya November 18, 2005

    hi ate Barb! welcome to blogger! ;) found your link thru the message you left kay Agring. anyways, sarap naman ng ginawa mong ukoy, I'd love to try it sometime. nami-miss ko na rin ito, it's been ages since the last time I have those. LOL!

    thanks pala for the tag ha, enjoy your visit to CA and have a Happy Thanksgiving! take care always and kisses to the kids! have a wonderful weekend! =)

    can I link you up? thanks!

  • KusinerangPinay November 19, 2005

    Hi Joy, congrats for being the first poster. LOL And your price will be...yes, Ukoy! I'll cook it for you when you visit MA.

  • Ligaya November 19, 2005

    ay sarap naman ate Barb, thank you! ;)
    now I can't wait to see you! LOL! I am really hoping na we are able to visit you all again sometime soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. =)

    take care and kisses to everybody! happy weekend! =)

  • haze November 22, 2005

    Hello Madame Kusinerang Pinay, wow thanks for the recipe, I would love to try it sometime...I'm not good in cooking, I am oblige to cook because my hubby don't !!! Bloghopped from Ligaya and we all have in common STAY HOME MOM ;-)

    Have a nice day ! Is it OK w/ u if I add you to my LINKS then I can learn how to cook???....:-)))

  • haze November 22, 2005

    Hello Madame Kusinerang Pinay, wow ukoy-ukoy, thanks for posting this recipe...i would love to do it sometimes. Hope you can always post recipes like this very economic and practicable.

    May I link you also? Bloghopped from Ligaya....Your recipe helps because I am not a good cook, I am oblige becoz my hubby don't..........Have a nice day!

  • KusinerangPinay November 22, 2005

    Hi Haze, thanks for the visit. I'll add u 2, sa other blog ko muna. I'm still learning how to do things here kasi. :) Merci!

  • Lanie G November 22, 2005

    Like this too and this is really good Barb, pwede ka luto nito pagpunta ko next sa inyo. I print this recipe also so I can make my own.. thank you. I will add this blog in my journal para easy bisitahin.

  • KusinerangPinay November 22, 2005

    Oo Lan, luto tayo nito when you visit. Just let me know so I can buy the beansprouts. If you use yam, medyo manamis-namis yung ukoy.

  • Ladynred November 23, 2005

    Hello Barb,
    I was also wondering why they call it Ukoy. Eh! wala namang ingredients na ukoy; hehhehhehe!

  • vk December 07, 2005

    hi barb, my saliva, tumutulo, ay naku parang masarap ito, i know an Ukoy-recipe from my mama, with mashed squash-kalabasa?then with shrimp too, but not baked, instead steam it...
    I try this, really, parang masarap..naku ang figure natin nito, just never mind, winter naman, can be hide with thick over-coat...thnks for all your recipe here...and also the empanada, but i make my owned pastry-dough...thnks again ha?

  • vk December 09, 2005

    hi barb, good evening, niloto ko itong Ukoy, right now as our dinner with kim,kami lang ni kim, naku ang sarap, naubos namin ni kim, i used only soja sauce as saw-sawan?, thnks for your recipe...masarap talaga....

  • KusinerangPinay December 09, 2005

    Vks, I'm glad you liked the ukoy, sarap ano? yun nga lang ang waist-line natin. hehehe di bale, just don't eat a lot of kanin when you have this. LOL
    I would guess yung ukoy using kalabasa will have the same consistency as the kamoteng-kahoy. I'm sure masarap din yan. :)

    Agring, oo nga, I'm puzzled by that. LOL ano nga ba ang meaning bg 'ukoy'?

  • vk December 10, 2005

    hi barbs, really masarap itong recipe mo kay sa ki mama,kasi ki mama, parang biko ang resulta, malambot, ito crispy, at naka appetite talaga, hindi ma break ang kain, lalo na iyong soja sauce ko nilagyan ko ng siling-labuyo, ay nako, bahala na ang figure, basta pagkain na gusto ko, wala akong break...sabi ko nalang, thanks again, ang empanada, i do it, maybe tommorow..have a nice weekend to your family....

  • KusinerangPinay December 13, 2005

    Hi Vks, I'm glad you liked my Ukoy. I tried different recipes until I got it perfect, crunchy talaga. Yon nga lang mapapadami talaga ang kain natin. :) Saan ka ba sa Germany?

  • Belle TH January 24, 2007

    these ukoys look yummy. will try it one of these days and will let you know how it turns out. thanks for the recipe

  • Belle TH January 24, 2007

    these ukoys look yummy. will try it one of these days and will let you know how it turns out. thanks for the recipe

  • Paul Walter April 13, 2011

    Will try this recipe,I wish nakita ko itong blog mo before I tried my terrible okoy last night,hehe ... Thanks for this post.

  • Olah Momma! October 03, 2011

    Hmm, this is what I'm cooking right now, except I did not add any bean sprout, but this is interesting. Would love to try one with this.

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