The Grape-scented Eraser

15 September 2007 0 comments

Parenting is hard and takes a lot of work. I'm sure all of you will agree with this statement.

A couple of nights ago, Amber mentioned that her seatmate borrowed her grape-scented eraser and has not returned it. So I suggested that she ask for the eraser the nextday. So after school the next day while we were doing her homework she looked upto me and had a sad face. She said that when she asked for her eraser back, the girl didn't want to give it to her. Instead, she broke the eraser in half, gave the other half to the other girl in their table and gave Amber a tiny piece. It was clear that Amber was hurt and upset, she had tears in her eyes andwanted to cry.

As a parent, I felt outraged and hurt. How dare they do this to my baby. Didn't their parents teach them that it's wrong to take things that are not theirs? I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I can feel my daughter's pain.

So, while Amber was finishing up her homework, I wrote a short note to her teacher. I told her everything that happened and asked her if she would get the eraser back from the two girls. If you could've seen me that moment, I probably had smoke coming out from my ears, I was fuming mad. That was my baby's favorite eraser because she loves the smell. :( I promised Amber that everything will be okay, she'll get her eraser back and we'll get a new eraser in our next shopping trip.

The whole day yesterday, my thoughts were occupied with that eraser. I was wondering if Amber got it back andif the teacher scolded the girls. My questions were answered when I picked up Amber from the bus stop. I asked if she got her eraser back and she opened her backpack and gave me a plastic bag with the eraser (now in halves).Amber said that her teacher took the eraser from the girls and as a punishment, they were not allowed to go in the playground for recess. Fair enough. I hope that the teacher sent home a note for their parents informing themof their shenanigans. They clearly need to be taught manners.

How can we as parents, shield our children from getting hurt? How can we stop this mad and crazyworld from bullying our kids? Is there any way where we can prevent our children from getting hurt?I know, there's not a lot we can do. We can't be there every minute of the day and fight their battles for them. What we can do is give them all the necessary tools that will help them if these things happen.

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Sneakers or High Heels?

12 September 2007 0 comments

When shopping for clothes or shoes, women always have to struggle with this question. Should I buy this dress? Yes, it's beautiful but it's notcomfortable. The Manolo Blahnik heels makes my feet and leg look sexy but itwill surely kill me wearing the 3 inch heels for a couple of hours!

I'm sure all of you out there have grappled with this in one way or another.When I go out shopping, I like to look at nice dresses, skirts, jackets, andthe list goes on. The first question I always ask myself is: is this comfortable?I see no point in wearing a dress that I wouldn't be comfortable in. Just like that low-cutblouse I'm sure will make men smile when they see a woman in it. I consider myselfa 'conservative dresser'. I don't like to dress in 'sexy clothes'. LOL I guessI'm a 'manang'. LOL No, far from it. I would characterize myself as a 'classy dresser'.I like classic lines, clothes that doesn't get old and go out of style. I'm nota big follower of fashion anymore, unlike when I was younger. I'm proud to saythat I dress appropriately for my age. But that doesn't mean I dress like a mannequinthat's outdated. LOL

So what is my style these days? I guess it's the 'Soccer Mom style'.

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