Sneakers or High Heels?

12 September 2007 0 comments

When shopping for clothes or shoes, women always have to struggle with this question. Should I buy this dress? Yes, it's beautiful but it's notcomfortable. The Manolo Blahnik heels makes my feet and leg look sexy but itwill surely kill me wearing the 3 inch heels for a couple of hours!

I'm sure all of you out there have grappled with this in one way or another.When I go out shopping, I like to look at nice dresses, skirts, jackets, andthe list goes on. The first question I always ask myself is: is this comfortable?I see no point in wearing a dress that I wouldn't be comfortable in. Just like that low-cutblouse I'm sure will make men smile when they see a woman in it. I consider myselfa 'conservative dresser'. I don't like to dress in 'sexy clothes'. LOL I guessI'm a 'manang'. LOL No, far from it. I would characterize myself as a 'classy dresser'.I like classic lines, clothes that doesn't get old and go out of style. I'm nota big follower of fashion anymore, unlike when I was younger. I'm proud to saythat I dress appropriately for my age. But that doesn't mean I dress like a mannequinthat's outdated. LOL

So what is my style these days? I guess it's the 'Soccer Mom style'.

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