Christmas Craziness

23 December 2007 0 comments

The holidays should be a time to be happy but somehow a lot of people get stressed because of it. There are a lot of things to take care of like decorating the house, picking up a tree, sending Christmas cards, buying gifts and planning Christmas dinner. It's sad to say but it has become commercialized.

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday, the other being Thanksgiving (my #1 holiday). It is so much fun seeing the kids get excited when they open their presents. This year, I bought Amber's present very early, real early as September. LOL Yes, can you believe it? I knew that she wanted a Nintendo Wii so I kept a lookout for it on the Sunday Ads. Then one weekend, I saw that they will get a Wii on Sunday and they will only have 18 per store. Guess what? I was on the store lot early that Sunday waiting for the store to open. I got the Wii without Amber knowing about it. It sat in the basement for months, I put it inside a bigger box so she won't see it.

Ahh, the length that parents will go to to make their kids happy. That's all we want.

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