- More Than a Place for Your Recipes

21 May 2008 5 comments

There are many recipe websites today, but there is one website that offers you more that just a place to store or share your recipes. is a website for people who like to cook. Think of MySpace for cooks. You can build a group with other cooks that share the same interests or style of cooking. Like any other recipe websites, you also get to store your recipes online PLUS more. The main difference is that you have control over who can see your recipes. You can share it with everyone or just your friends or even have it private just for yourself. My favorite feature of this website is the blog widget where you can embed your recipe card in your blog just like the one I have on here. What's more is that you can publish your own recipe collection using's online publishing tool. Just choose your recipes, the front page cover photo and voila, you've got your own cookbook. Start sharing your Simple Recipes and be part of this wonderful community.

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