Am I Turning Green? I Don't Think So...

02 April 2008 0 comments

I got this tag from my very good friend Mira over at Mira's Web Journal(
As you can see from my results, I am not a jealous person. Be it in my personal relationship or in my friendship with others, I do not get jealous, very rarely, if ever.

You Are 6% Jealous

You aren't jealous in the least, and it's a very good thing.
You are content with your own life, and you're proud of who you are.
And you are able to be truly happy when a friend has things go their way.
You're confident, capable, and full of high self esteem. Keep it up!

How Jealous Are You?

I'm passing this on to Janet, Kerslyn, Amor and Michelle. :)

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