My Brother Erik

05 April 2008 0 comments

My only brother Erik who is one year younger than I am is still living in the Philippines. Every one in my family except him are all here in the US. He got married early and because of US Immigration Laws, it takes longer for him to immigrate here in the US. A couple of months ago though, we heard the long-awaited news that the US Embassy in Manila sent him a letter. If all goes well, we are expecting him to arrive in the US at the end of the year or early next year.

Through email, he asked for advice on going back to school to be able to get a better job. He wasn't happy with the course he took in college and graduated with. I told him that he can go to school and become an Xray Technician. I know a friend who became an X-ray Technician and she is earning a good income.

X ray Technicians earn about $32,000 and up. They work in a nice and comfortable environment. The hours are good too. I hope that when he comes here in the US, he will consider this and be able to build a good life for himself.

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