Music Instruction For My Kids

10 April 2008 0 comments

I started piano lessons when I was in grade school and it lasted until I was in high school. I was already playing Chopin when I stoppped my piano lessons. Looking back, I wished I continued. Hindsight is 20/20 isn't it? I'm pretty rusty with my piano playing now but I still know how to read notes and play. I'm sure with some practice I'll be back to my old game. :)

I want my kids to be able to play at least one instrument so I'm looking at music instructors. Most of them though are far from our area which is a problem. With the costs of gasoline nowadays, it will not be cheap driving to and from their music lessons. There is one music school though that will come to your house for lessons. It is called Amadeus Home Music School. They are a national organization with teachers in every state. They give private lessons in your home at the time which is most convenient for you. They use time-tested teaching methods while using new and modern instructions at the same time.

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