Blogger Now in Filipino

21 February 2008 9 comments

I saw this on the Blogger Dashboard. They now offer Blogger in Filipino. My first question was "Why?". Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be disrespectful to my first language but you and I know that it does not fill a need.
Filipinos learn the English language from grade school on up, given that some may not be proficient in it, it is still passable; and if you have your own blog or thinking of getting one, then I say that you understand English well.
So now that Blogger is in Filipino, are you going to use it or stay with the English version? Please share your thoughts with me. :)

9 comments: to “ Blogger Now in Filipino so far...

  • shiera (bisdakbabbles) February 21, 2008

    this is fun! I'll check it out... ^-^

  • Mira February 21, 2008

    In my humble opinion, although I haven't seen any of these blogs yet, this is a great venue for some Filipinos who can better express themselves in our native language. The only downside to it is that they are putting limit to the readability of their blogs for only those who can understand the language. But its quite interesting to see how they are written. I'll check this out later.

  • Babette February 21, 2008

    Hi Shiera tnx 4 dropping by. :)

    Tnx 4 the comment Mira. Tapos na ba lahat ng tasks mo? Si Lan di pa sumusulpot, natabunan na ng tasks. LOL

  • Marvin February 21, 2008

    Considering I barely, barely, barely speak any Tagalog, I think I'll stick with an english blog;)

  • Amy February 21, 2008

    mareng barb, sa french version pa rin ako ng "blogger" lol*

  • Andrea February 22, 2008

    hi there.. thanks for leaving a note in my site.. I do appreciate it so much.. Honestly, I am looking forward to be a SAHM. I guess I am ready for it more than anything else. Right now, as much as I could, I try to maintain my blog and hope I could monetize from this too.. I am looking also for home based job and so far so good. I just hope that I'll get more opportunities so I'll stop worrying. Thanks again!!

  • Lucille February 22, 2008

    ahaaha! my husband will be very happy for this...baka mag-open yon tuloy ng blog! lol

    i stick with french version.

  • Babette February 22, 2008

    Hi 'Cille, oo nga pala ano, marunong sya magsalita ng Filipino. That would be funny. LOL Sabihin mo meron na siyang isang reader, ako. hahaha

  • Vk-mahalkaayo February 22, 2008

    ako sa german vesrion pa rin ako.

    pero ito, nice hindi ba?

    so meaning, maraming mga pinoy-nay blogger....

    Proud to be BISDAK.......

    sana may BISAYA version din.....pag meron, i use it.....