The Perfect Bedroom Furniture

26 February 2008 0 comments

My plan for this year is to convert the extra bedroom into a guest room for friends and family to stay in. Right now, we use it as a play room for my kids and an extra storage space for our clothes and shoes. Whenever my parents visit from California, they use Amber's room which has the queen size bed and Amber ends up sleeping on the mattress on our bedroom floor.

I'm always browsing online for ideas and bedroom furniture. There is a website called Time4Sleep. They offer a large selection of bedroom furniture at a great price and they even offer free delivery. You can order online through their secure website or call them on the phone.

Like any other consumer, I want a quality furniture that is affordable, this website has both. The Time4Sleep website has a section for Faux Leather Beds which is perfect for the 'minimalist or modern look' I would like to create for the guest room. There are a lot of choices that would suit every taste. I like the model called Revive because it gives you the option to change the color of the backboard to coordinate it with the colors of the room. Other than faux leather, they also give you a choice of faux suede and chenille. Now I just need to decide on the colors I am going to use for the guest room then I'm all set to start my new project.

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