My Filipino Comfort Food - Nilaga

16 February 2008 21 comments

Beef Nilaga


This has been my favorite since I was a child in the Philippines. It is called 'Nilaga' which translates to 'boiled' in English. This is made with either beef, chicken and sometimes even pork. My fave is beef nilaga but we try to eat healthy so I used chicken instead.

It is a very easy dish to make, if you mess it up, I suggest you stay out of the kitchen. LOL

Put the meat in the pot with water and some peppercorns and boil until tender. For veggies, it is preferable to use Bokchoy (also known as Pechay) or cabbage with some potatoes and string beans. For seasoning, I use fish sauce (what can I say, I'm Tagalog. LOL).

How about you? What is your favorite comfort food?


Cooking time: 1 to 2 hours

1 lb. beef, cut into 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" cubes

3 potatoes cut the same size as the beef

1 bundle Bok choy, cut in halves

1/2 small cabbage, cut in 2

fish sauce, to taste

8 peppercorns

6 cups water

In casserole bring water, beef, peppercorns and potatoes to boil. Take out the potatoes when it is fork tender and set aside (after about 10 minutes). Simmer for 1 hour or until the beef is tender. Add the cabbage and the bokchoy. Do not over cook the vegetables. Add fish sauce.


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  • Liza February 16, 2008

    Hi Babette! I love nilaga too. Thanks for the return visit. I've added you to my links. Have a blessed weekend.

  • Amy February 16, 2008

    sarap naman nito mareng barb.. naka kagutom.. wink*

  • Dana and Debbie February 16, 2008

    Yummy!!!!!!! That's one of my favorites too!!!

  • JOY February 16, 2008

    thanks for all the comment. Have added you in my kikay list and in Please care to add me in your blogroll. Have a blesses Sunday

  • Dhanggit February 17, 2008

    oh i miss this!! my comfort food is sinigang :-)

  • Babette February 17, 2008

    Liza, thanks for the add. I'll see you around. :)

    Mareng Amy, hamo, pag nagtagpo tayo lulutuan kita. hehe lalim ba ng tagalog?

    Hi Debbie and Joy, tnx for the comments.

    Hello Dhanggit, I like Sinigang too, it is also my kids' fave.

  • Lanie G February 17, 2008

    Hi mareng barb, sarap nito ah parang gusto ko ring magluto nito lol. When I went to christianing yesterday.. oh god para nasa pilipinas ako daming pinoy food plus litson, at sa kanila ate wessin naman dami pagka-in hehehe

  • ricka February 17, 2008

    so yummy food :-) vggies sa akin lagi niluto ko :-)
    btw done adding your link. see you arround sometimes.

  • Chikai February 17, 2008

    oh! i had beef nilaga for lunch today. ang sarap! ;) me too, i like using patis for seasoning pero di ako tagalog ha. hehe. mas gusto ko kasi ang lasa kesa asin.

  • Mira February 17, 2008

    I haven't had nilaga in while Barb, I haven't cooking it really, but this one looks easy. Maybe I should try it for Rob and Mikey.

  • carlota February 17, 2008

    Barb- sarap naman nyan padala mo dito sa Michigan kasi ang ginaw. hehehe.

  • Vk-mahalkaayo February 17, 2008

    sarap naman nito barb, nagugutom na lang ako

    thanks for sharing, subukan ko ito....

  • dailyphotographer February 17, 2008

    hi thanks for visiting my site. I'll add you to my official list of blogs, check it out!

    By the way I love beef nilaga too. But my FIlipino comfort food is baked tahong with cheese (and sinigang na hipon) yummy!

  • Noushy Syah February 17, 2008

    Hi Babette, my Filipino friend taught me to eat looks like the one in your pic...quite tasty though!

    Have a gr8 day!Take care.

  • pinay_blogger February 17, 2008

    wow! just in time... im actually cooking this for lunch today! yummy talaga lalo na pag merong buto2

  • Peko-peko February 18, 2008

    wow sarap nito :-)

    ps, i added you up already in my blogroll

  • Lily February 18, 2008

    Hi Babette,
    thanks for the tag in my bravenet,
    I cant open ur link there so I had to look for ur name in Lanie's link.
    Yes make friends with them through blogging din,been blogging since 2005.Carlota help me with all my blogs. no prblem I will surely add all ur link in my friends list. tc and enjoy the monday :-)

  • Wildcatlady29 February 18, 2008

    philippine food is the best kahit saan kaman sa mundo!

  • Anonymous February 18, 2008

    ang sarap naman ng nilaga mo ate barb. i usually cook beef, gustong-gusto ng mag-ama ko. saka sinigang din. pag nagluto ako pinoy foods lagi. LOL! may left-over pa ako dyan ng sinigang na bangus. uubusin na namin yan ni ninev mamaya. hehe!


  • Anonymous August 12, 2010

    greetings from houston, tx!
    ask lang po.. sa nilaga ksi, diba parang bulalo din yun? i've tried cooking and it was really delish.. but i wanted to cook one with the big bone with marrow.. usually kasi sa asian market dito, may marrow pero sobrang konti..
    i saw sa picture ng 'nilaga' mo.. there's a big bone with marrow.. may nabibili po ba dito sa US na gnun? if meron, ano po ung tawag sa part na yun?
    thanks! :))

  • Babette August 12, 2010

    Sa grocery namin dito, may tinitinda sila na beef bones lang. So yun ang binibili ko and yung beef chuck para sa laman. Kung gusto mo naman ng may kasamang laman, pwede rin yung beef shanks.