Shrimp with Peas and Quail Eggs

26 February 2008 8 comments

Shrimp with Peas It is a treat for me to get fresh quail eggs. I can only buy it at an Asian grocery about an hour's drive from our town. This is one of the dish that I like to cook using these kind of eggs. It is very simple yet full of flavor.

All you need are garlic, onions, fresh shrimp, hard-boiled quail eggs, fresh green peas, chicken broth and cornstarch. Saute the garlic and onions until translucent and soft. Add shrimps and green peas. Saute for a minute then add some chicken broth, just enough to make a sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Dissolve some cornstarch in the chicken broth (1 tsp cornstarch + 2 tsp. water) and add to thicken the sauce.Add the boiled and shelled quail eggs. Cook for about 2 minutes (until the shimps turn pink) it is very important not to overcook the shrimp. If you need exact measurements, just drop me a note and I'll send you the recipe. :)

There are many variations of this dish. You can use chicken in lieu of shrimps or you can add cashews for some crunch. I don't cook this dish often because my husband does not like peas. Too bad for him since he's missing out on a great and simple dish. :)


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  • wifespeak February 26, 2008

    Kakagutom naman. This is my youngest daughter's favorite. Chinese ang husband ko. This is a Chinese dish.

  • Babette February 26, 2008

    Hello wifespeak, sa Chinese restaurant sa Phils. ko nga unang natikman ito but I don't remember the name. Ito ang parating inoorder ko doon. I don't see this in the Chinese restaurants here in the US. Thanks for the comment. :)

  • Dhanggit February 27, 2008

    i tasted this one time during the wedding of my cousin! looks yummy indeed

  • Anonymous February 27, 2008

    Beth sarap naman nito .....kunin ko ang risipi ha at baka ako maka punta sa asia store bukas at bibili ako ng schrimps, at lutoin ko ito.... at kung hindi puede bukas sunod na maisipan hehehehe.. Oo sa pics lang Beth ang sarap na talaga ano pa kaya at kung matikman ano?. hay naku isip ko lang puro nalang lamoy sa isipan ko ......

    siyanga pala Oo sa petsa 24 sa June at hanggang July 10 wala ako sa bahay.. parang hindi tayo magkita Beth kasi ang alam ko ki Vk sa katapusan ng June kayo si Vk sa tingin ko hindi rin yan dahil ang chefen niya magbakasyon sa Pinas at June ang alis at hanggang sa July din...sigi nalang hindi yata ang pagkakataon na magkita tayo sa sunod na pagkakataon beth. malay natin sa panahon hindi natin alam sa sunod diba?

  • Mira February 28, 2008

    Hey another mouth-watering dish na naman ito. I miss eating quail eggs.

  • dailyphotographer February 28, 2008

    wow, i remember this dish. my mom used to cook this for me. all the while I thought this was her original invention. hehe

  • DanaDebbie February 28, 2008

    sarapppppppppppppppp.....I miss quail eggs!!! I'll gonna make this once I am fully recovered...:)

  • Mc-elroy November 08, 2008

    You can spice up the crunchy taste by adding tiny chopped cubed carrots and turnips and of course,,,,cashew nuts