Our Summer in Europe

21 February 2008 4 comments

My husband and I saved for our vacation this year for a long time. We knew he was going to have a sabbatical from work this year and we wanted to do something memorable. It is going to be a family vacation to several countries in Europe, yes, the kids will be coming with us. :)

The bulk of our expenses will be in the accomodations. Most hotels in Europe allow only a limited number of persons in a room. I've researched the hotels in Great Britain (this is our first stop) and I'm still having sticker-shock from the prices. For our family, our option is to stay in two adjoining rooms and for about $300-$400 per room/night, it just becomes too expensive.

Luckily, I found a website where the prices are very reasonable compared to most hotel booking sites. It's called CheaperThanHotels.co.uk, they have very good and competitive prices for hotels in the UK and all over the world.

We plan to visit a lot of cities in Great Britain. Our first stop is London, of course. We prefer to stay where all the action is at, so we booked one of the Central London Hotels. From London, we will take the train to go to Manchester. We found our Manchester accomodations that is near to the city center, just like the one in London. Having a 3 year old with us, we need to think of the accessibility of the hotel, it should be close to everything. :) We plan to take a day trip to Leeds from Manchester, I heard Leeds is a very nice city with a nice castle which we plan to visit.

From Manchester, we will fly to Scotland and stay in Glasgow first then head on to Edinburgh. I'd like to see the Edinburgh palace, I wonder if they have any tours.

Both our Glasgow accomodation and Edinburgh accomodation are very affordable and from the photos I have seen on the site, very clean. We plan to see the Scottish Highlands and maybe some castle ruins.

Our last stop is Belfast, my husband is part-Irish so he wants to visit the place and see where his ancestors came from. There are a lot of choices for Belfast accomodations, they even offer last minute bookings and the prices are really cheap.

I'm so glad to have found this great website, it surely made planning our 1-month trip to Europe very affordable.

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