Beautiful Tunics and Skirts at Sulbha Fashions

20 March 2008 0 comments

Now that I have booked all our hotels and flights for our summer vacation in Europe, it's time to plan for the clothes that I will pack with me. I like to wear tunics and long skirts, they're simple yet dressy at the same time. I found some beautiful tunics and long skirts at Sulbha Fashions. The clothes at this web site is so expertly crafted that each piece is an artwork by itself. has been launched as an ethnic fashion superstore which provides hip and fashionable dresses for modern women.It sources all its products from craftsmen and uses strict quality measures to provide unique and quality dresses at great prices.

This project has been socially motivated and provides work to various craftsmen while preserving their art as well as promoting green and organic clothing by avoiding machines and promoting handmade items.

Sulbha (which means 'simple) gives you a lot of choices for ethnic dresses too. The prices of the tunics and other clothes are very reasonable. The shipping is free for your order. For the craftmanship of the clothes alone, you will get your money's worth.