Let's Exchange Links...Uhmm, Maybe Not?

12 March 2008 3 comments

I like to exchange links with fellow bloggers and I also visit their blogs whenever I have free time. Usually when someone asks to exchange links with me I add their link to my two blogs and then visit their blog to inform them that they have been added. I was about to do that when one person asked for a link exchange but somehow I ended up in the their blog before I added their link.

I was looking at their posts and read one post that lists their 'Favorite Heroes in Real World'. Number one on the list is Abraham Lincoln, then when I got to number two, I was flabbergasted...It listed Adolf Hitler...I'm sure I did a double-take and read the short paragraph again and again. It couldn't be, why would anyone in his or her right mind would list Hitler as their hero? This is just insane. Now, I am all for free speech and such but this just made me sick to my stomach. I was going to leave a comment on that post but changed my mind. What do you think, should I ask this person why they chose that monster as one of their 'favorite heroes'? Well, one thing is sure, you wouldn't find his/her link in any of my blogs.

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  • JOY March 13, 2008

    yeah I agree that's why I do checking and then follow-up. And they don't listen bye why not delete right? hehe..Thanks for the comment Beth..Cheers with Ramiele.

  • indayfe March 13, 2008

    hahahaha... dont' laugh at me now barb, becuase, wherever I post a comment in your blog, I laugh first.. they said, laughter is the best medicine.. but do I really need the medicine when I don't know what is wrong with me.??? hehe.. there again.. I guess I just like to laugh.. There! I got it all out..

    Now back to your post and question... hmm... gotta check things out first.. and you did that.. and you did what i would do..not listed in exchange links.. hitler and that dude.. wow.. opinion by me.. nada.. zippo.. nothing to say.. just laugh perhaps..I know I know, I am not making sense..

    'ought to go now..


  • SynClaire March 14, 2008

    And how about to exchange link with me?
    I'll make sure you wouldn't find a monster as my favorite heroes on my blog...:D
    Would you...?