Enough For The First Day Of Spring...

21 March 2008 6 comments

Spring...tulips sprouting from the ground, leaf buds growing on trees, grass a little greener, ground thawing out and lots of sun...NOT! Yesterday was the first day of spring but here in New England it was rainy the whole day. Now this morning I can hear the strong winds howling outside the window. I was hoping for 60's weather, okay, that might be stretching it, let's say 50's. I am so done with winter. Too bad Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last February 2nd, that meant 6 more (looooong) weeks of winter.

Hmm, doesn't it make you wonder why humans depend on a groundhog to tell us that spring is not coming sometime soon? Although I have to give it to this groundhog, he is always right on the mark. :)

Now I'm off to starting my so-called "Spring Cleaning". I have to dust off this keyboard. LOL joke!

6 comments: to “ Enough For The First Day Of Spring... so far...

  • haze March 21, 2008

    I am excited on the coming of Spring, it's my fave season ;)! Forget about pull over & thick jackets. Happy Easter to all.

  • Babette March 21, 2008

    Same here Haze, it is my favorite season. I'm not a fun of thick jackets too, it makes me feel like a marshmallow. LOL

  • Lou March 21, 2008

    Hi Barb, I couldn't stop laughing when you said you had to dust off your keyboard. Hubby was asking if I was ok. LOL

    Take care.

  • Anonymous March 21, 2008

    Same here Barb,2 consecutive ng puro ulan ,malakas na hangin at meron ding konting ice.Parang pangit ata ang simula ng spring dito,hope gumanda na ito next week.

    Excited na din ako na makalipat kami para mexperience ko naman ang magtanim ng mga flowers at ibang herbs :)

    For the siopao Barb,yong gamit ko na pork ehh yong may taba din na giniling tapos yong akin naman ay asado.Bilog yong akin kaya lang medyo pangit ang nasa ibabaw,I'll follow your tips next time,ilagay yong paper kung saan ako nagtwist para maclose yong dough.

    Happy Easter!

  • Mira March 21, 2008

    Hey this is New England after all, the weather is so unpredictable. Although spring is my favorite and much awaited season, I'm not very fond of the things lined up to do for spring cleaning naman, lol, but I don't have much choice, do I?

  • Babette March 22, 2008

    Hi Lou, thanks for leaving a comment. :) Glad that I made you smile.

    Amor, yung siopao ko hindi siya masyado bilog kasi madami akong nilagay na palaman. LOL I will try pork asado next time.

    Mira, same here, I like spring but not the cleaning part. hahaha