Charter High-Speed Internet FOR LIFE

07 March 2008 0 comments

I still remember when I first connected to the internet in 1993 using a 14Kb Dial-up modem. I use DOS to connect to a BBS (Bulletin Board Service). After you hit *ENTER* you will see the new page load up line by line. It takes a minute for the whole page to load, some pages take even longer. Can you imagine doing that nowadays? I was so happy when I was able to upgrade to a 28Kb then later on to a 58Kb modem. I thought then that this higher modem speed makes downloading files a breeze.

Then comes high-speed internet service, it is the best thing there is! Almost all web pages these days are full of graphics and content that will take forever to load if you are using a dial-up service. What takes a long time to download now takes just a couple of minutes depending on the file size. If you are still using dial-up internet service, you should now change to high speed internet connection.

Now you have a chance to bid on having Charter High-Speed® Internet for life. Bidding starts at $10.00 and there is no reserve. We all know how expensive high speed internet access can be. I pay almost $50.00 a month for my high speed internet. This is a chance to score a great deal on your high speed internet. You can actually save money on this considering internet access price increase almost yearly. When you register at the site, you will be entered to a drawing for a Nintendo Wii. Let me tell you, your family will love playing with the Wii. Now is your chance to get it since it is always out of stock in stores.
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