Dragon-Gate: Your Online Fengshui Resource

01 March 2008 0 comments

I have been reading about Fengshui and Chinese Astrology since I first saw an article about it on a magazine many years ago. The basic principle of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with your environment so that the energy surrounding you works for you rather than against you.

Fengshui covers all aspects of our lives and to learn more about it, you need a very good resource. The website I always go to for Feng Shui information is http://www.dragon-gate.com/. Their website has a vast library of information about Fengshui and Chinese Astrology. They offer free newsletters and monthly forecast for Feng Shui. They also have a Feng Shui dictionary, an online Chinese Almanac and other tools like the Gua calculator that you can use.

This website has an online store where you can purchase Feng Shui cures and enhancements to counter any negative chi or energy. If you are not sure of what to purchase, they can help you find the right item. Their regular shipping only takes three business days.

Other great features about Dragon-Gate is that they offer for free a 2008 outlook and personal astrology. You can also have a FREE FENG SHUI REPORT sent to your email. All you need is the directions of your front door, stove, bedroom, toilet and kitchen.

All these Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology resources are at your fingertips at the website. The oldest and biggest online Feng Shui shop and resource is Dragon-Gate.