Use Pandan... For a Fragrant Rice

28 March 2008 10 comments

Have you ever used Pandan leaves when you cook rice? If you haven't then you should at least try it even once.

In the Philippines, we have a few Pandan plants in our yard. I remember the maid tearing up a leaf, washing it and then adding the leaf to the uncooked rice kernels. Once the water starts boiling, you'll smell the fragrant Pandan odor all throughout the house.

As you can see in the photo, I still use Pandan when I cook rice. I get these from the Asian grocery. They are in the freezer section and are labeled 'Screwpine leaves'. It is fairly cheap, one plastic bag has lasted for over a year. Well for my household at least, that's because I only cook rice once or twice a week at the most.

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  • Lanie G March 28, 2008

    mareng barb, I have pandan leaves in the freezer, but only use 3 times thats all. maganda nga ang smell ng rice. I will use the pandan again.

  • haze March 29, 2008

    Wow pandan, it's also good for sago gulaman juice :D! The problem is I can't find them here :( ! Only in Pinas, I should maybe take some seeds to plant when I go back home !

  • Ladynred March 29, 2008

    We have fresh pandan sold in the Asian store. I guess I just never bothered to use it for the rice. And yap I have tried it when I was in the Phil.

  • Amy March 29, 2008

    mareng barb, mas mabango cguro iyan.. kaya lang walang mabili dito.
    perfumed jasmin rice nalang ang gamit ko, pwede na rin. wink*

  • Amor March 30, 2008

    Hello Barb,hindi ko payan na try ang pandan gamitin sa kanin at isa din wala din yan dito,pandan flavoring meron hehehe.Try ko nga to itanong sa asian store dito.
    Thanks nga pala sa pagbisita madame,nahiya na ako kasi 1 week akong absent,may konting trangkaso pa nga ako eh.

    Have a nice day!

  • Prily March 31, 2008

    I agree with your post,my dear. I love putting pandan leaves in our rice.
    btw,thanks for your comment about the Pope's Mass.Yes,it will take more than an hour.The mass is translated into few major languages as there are lots of nationalities present. You should really spend your half day or even whole day(we spent 2 days in St.Peter's because we go to and fro our hotel to there,plus with a toddler,really difficult to focus!hehehe!). Have nice Roman holiday ahead!

  • Mira March 31, 2008

    We still use pandan in the Phils. we even used to have a plant in our backyard. I haven't tried using it here, I haven't seen any yet. I'm using Jasmine rice which is fragrant enough but I would love to use it when I get the chance to buy one.

  • kerslyn April 01, 2008

    d ko pa na-try ang pandan sa rice but naririnig ko na yan. wala kasi kaming tanim...hehehe. once lang rin ako nakabili nung gumawa ako ng buko-pandan. makabili nga pag mag-grocery kami. kakatamad kasi puntang palengke. :-)

  • Marvin April 03, 2008

    What a great idea for pandan. I've only just recently discovered it and am experimenting with it now.

  • quiapo April 26, 2008

    HSere in Australia Asian food stores sell Pandan flavoured rice cakes,some similar to Puto an dcuhinta. There is even a Pandan cake which seems to be a variation of the butter Pound cake, which sells out quickly