What Did The Oyster Say to the Shucker?

14 March 2008 0 comments

....Hey, you are cracking me up! *groan*. LOL I know, it is pretty lame but at least I tried. :)

So let us talk about oysters. I love oysters, so does my other half. There are different ways to serve oysters, in fact there are hundreds of recipes on the net. During summer, we like to use our charcoal grill to cook oysters. The best way to serve oysters though is raw. Raw oysters are also known to be an aphrodisiac, I still need to get back to you about that though. :) Raw oysters served with freshly squeezed lemon is just amazing. To get this kind of experience, you need to get oysters that have passed stringent quality control or else you get the risk of getting sick from bad oysters.

Whenever we want raw oysters, we buy Gulf oysters. Why? Because we know that Gulf Oyster producers use new technology reduce the risk of consumers getting sick from eating raw oysters. If you have a compromised immune system, you must be informed before consuming raw oysters. The BeOysterAware website has a lot of information about this, you will learn about the technologies used, facts about the bacteria that you can get from improperly treated oyster and many more useful and important information.

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