Halabos na Hipon

07 March 2008 9 comments


Usually the most delicious food comes from a very simple recipe, Halabos na Hipon is one of them. This is my number one favorite shrimp recipe. It is comparable to shrimp Scampi of the Italians or Gambas al Ajillo of Catalonia.

The only time I make Halabos na hipon is when I have whole shrimps from the Asian grocery. All the flavors to make this a great dish comes from the head. The shrimp products we have in the local grocery or the club store are the headless shrimps, I wonder what they do with the discarded shrimp heads?

Halabos na Hipon
The way my mom taught me to cook this dish is very simple. Place the shrimps in a saute pan with just a little water. Add salt and pepper. Once it starts to boil, saute it for about 2 minutes for medium-sized shrimps and around 3-5 minutes for larger shrimps. At the last minute of cooking, add a teaspoon of canola or olive oil to finish the dish.

I prefer my Halabos na hipon to have a lot of sauce so I use more water. :) This goes well with freshly cooked rice or French bread. Yummy!


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  • ligaya March 04, 2008

    wow, that is sooo yummy looking hipon, at madali pang lutuin. i'm drooling here. LOL! i have a bag of shrimp here pero frozen naman. i use it with my noodle soup, minsan naman sa pansit bihon. i hope my mabili ako na whole shrimp sa pinoy store sa sunday, punta kasi kami ng jersey city. would really love to try your halabos na hipon, ate barbs. ;)

  • dailyphotographer March 04, 2008

    I love shrimp. yummy, especially yung buttered sugpo.

  • Amy March 04, 2008

    mareng barb, ang sarap at super easy lang gawin. i will try it soon pag nakabili ako ng gambas.

  • Lanie G March 04, 2008

    mareng barb, ang style ko naman is to fry with salt and soy sauce. I supposed to cook shrimp with ampalaya today instead I cook eggplant salad. I will post photo tomorrow night.

  • Babette March 04, 2008

    Joy, nasan na yung blog mo para mabisita naman kita. Kamusta ang mga kids and kelan kayo pupunta dito sa MA? Say hello to Jake. :)

    Hi ms.photographer, sarap nga rin ng sugpo.Naalala ko yung stay namin sa Bohol Beach Club, every night may sugpo sila sa buffet at yun ang parati naming kinakain ng hubby ko.

    Mareng Amy, super dali nga nito at super sarap pa. :)

    MAreng Lan,every party mo nga may luto kang hipon kaya parati akong may to-go. LOL

  • venkat March 06, 2008

    Nice post.Keep posting on these sort of things...

  • venkat March 06, 2008

    Nice post.Keep posting on these sort of things...

  • Amor March 08, 2008

    I love shrimps!!yummy talaga kahit sa photo lang,ang sarap ng papakin hehhee.I-try ko din yang recipe mo para ma iba naman.
    Usually,ang ginagawa ko fry ko then lagyan ng garlic,persil(parsley ba yan)then paprika,masarp din sya.

  • Mom2RoyalMKT July 09, 2011

    You said sautee the shrimp. Sautee with garlic and onion?