Do Not Die Here...

07 March 2008 1 comments

If you live in Sarpourenx, France and do not have your own cemetery plot you might have to die somewhere else. Sounds strange, doesn't it? LOL

Well, the mayor of this southwestern French village has threatened residents with severe punishment if they die. Apparently, the cemetery is overcrowded and there are no more spaces left to bury the dead. The mayor actually posted the ordinance in the council offices. The village only has 260 residents.

1 comments: to “ Do Not Die Here... so far...

  • Anonymous March 07, 2008

    Really? oh lalla,diba dapat kung saan ka nakatira doonka din ililibing yong mlapit sa family.Hope machange yan sya,kawawa naman yong family na mamatayan pag wala silang space doon.