Pancit Molo Recipe

18 March 2008 8 comments

Pancit MoloPancit Molo is an adaptation of the Chinese Won-Ton soup. This Philippine dish has it's origin from a city in Iloilo called Molo. Do you know that in Iloilo, the first letter of your surname is the same as the city/town you're from? Interesting factoid. :) My maternal grandfather's real surname (he was adopted later and used his adopted family's surname) started with the letter D and he was from a town called 'Dingle' (deeng-leh).

Anyway, back to Pancit Molo and soups. My family and I love eating different variations of soup during winter, my favorite soup to make is some kind of noodle soup. Everytime I have pork filling left-overs from making Lumpia Shanghai, I make it into siomai or wonton and use this to make Pancit Molo.
Uncooked siomai
To make the siomai, I use ground pork, minced carrots, flat-leaf parsley, onions with salt and pepper plus one egg to act as a binder. I wrap it using small squares of pastry made exclusively for wontons. Use at the most, one teaspoon of filling per wrapper. Close the edges using beaten egg to make a complete seal. I put a bit of flour on the bottom of the plate where you'll set the siomai so it does not stick to the bottom and to each other.

Pancit Molo Soup For the soup, I saute the garlic and onions. I add several pieces of chicken parts with bones and let it sweat. Afterwards, I add several cups of water and bring it to boil. I skim the impurities out and let it simmer until the chicken is tender. I take out the chicken and cut the meat into strips. Meanwhile, I add the carrot strips and other vegetables I have in the fridge like spinach and celery. Add the siomai to the broth, let simmer for 20 minutes. It is important to just let it simmer because if you have the broth boiling, the siomai might open up if it has not been sealed well.

Season to taste with pepper and either salt or fish sauce. Add the cooked chicken and minced green onions before serving. If you prefer, you can add noodles to Pancit Molo (just like I did). Add the noodles to the broth at the last 5minutes of cooking (depending on how long the noodles will cook).

As you may have noticed by now, almost all the dishes I cook make use of only one (or two at the most) pot or pan. Is it obvious that I hate to wash dishes? LOL Thank goodness for the dishwasher, one of the best (second only to the washing machine) inventions for the household. Anyway, if you're into washing pots and pans, you can make the chicken broth ahead of time (but why bother when you can do it in the same pot - that's always my opinion).

Pancit Molo Recipe

1/2 lb. ground pork
1 carrot, chopped
1 tbsp minced parsley
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp. oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 onion, chopped
1/2 lb chicken bones
salt and pepper to taste
green onions, chopped (for garnish)


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  • Amor March 19, 2008

    Ang sarap nito Barb,I like soup with noodles pati asawako.Husband likes my siomai,kaya lagi akong gumagawa nyan pero ini-steam langnamin tapos yon na,we eat it with soysauce na may lemon.

    Sa mga chinese restaurant nakikita ko ang mga dumplings nilalagay sa soup just like you did.Pero ano ang gagamitin na wrapper Barb sa dumplings kasi ako sa siomai ko is maypagka yellow,gusto ko yong parang transparent sya if ilalagay ko sa soup??? ikaw ba mismo ang gumawa sa dough ng wrapper mo?

  • Babette March 19, 2008

    Hi Amor, pwede rin yang wrapper na ginagamit mo. Walang eggs yung wrapper na ginamit ko kaya maputla. Di ako gumagawa noon, hehe, matrabaho kse so ready made na yon. :) Maganda rin yang yellow wrapper, terno sa noodles. LOL Mahilig ka rin palang magluto Amor. Fave ko rin yung steamed siomai. Dahil sa post mo gagawa ako ng siopao, yung bola-bola. Sana di mapalpak. :)

  • haze March 20, 2008

    Wow, how I wish I can cook this soup ! Wala talaga akong talent sa cooking eh :( ! Anyway, thank for sharing this recipe and I will probably try then will tell you the result ! Cross your fingers for me. Honey loves soup so I will take an effort to really try this recipe Barbs ! Salamat ;)!

    BTW, I feel much better thanks again Barbs :D !

  • STARLIGHT EXPRESS March 20, 2008

    your in these 3 blgos of mine dont 4 get to add themm..salamat!!

    sarap naman nitong niluluto mo Babette..di ko alam paano gawa nito...hehehe

    remember ko pala u add ug blog last tym to my linkmeup...inalis ko na yun...di kc counted sa technorati..ingatz dyan

  • Lanie G March 20, 2008

    mareng barb masarap ito ah. lagi ako matirahan pag gumagawa ako ng eggroll. I will try one of this day para matikman ni kenny ng ganito.

  • Lily March 20, 2008

    Oh my sarap naman nito maybe I will try this even thougth I had no talent in cooking who knows I get it rigth :-)
    passing by here Babette wishing you a great thursday.

  • Mira March 20, 2008

    Hi Barb, galing mo talaga magluto, and you make it from scratch. I make this one too, the same procedure but I put frozen dumplings instead, semi-homemade ;-)

  • Babette March 20, 2008

    Hi Haze,glad to know ur feeling better at last! Soups are very easy to make once you get the hang of it. :)

    Thanks Ruby, I've added ur new blogs too. Try mo, madali lang ito.

    Mareng Lan, oo nga, pag may natitirang lumpia shanghai meat tamang-tama sa siomai or wonton soup.

    Hi Lilly, maganda itong itry dahil hindi complicated, madali lang ang recipe.

    Mira, I also buy frozen dumplings but I just steam it and eat it right away kaya di makakaabot sa soup. LOL Congrats again! :) I'll be there on that Special Day.